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At Kristina Rojas-Stompel, I am dedicated to assisting clients who need assistance with an experienced criminal defense attorney. My name is Kristina, and I am a proud Leander resident who is committed to helping my community. I am originally from California, but my family and I came to Texas in 2010 and decided to make our home here and deeply care about the residents and our neighbors.

As a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley- School of Law, I have pursued a career in public service for over a decade beginning as a local prosecutor in Los Angeles and continuing that career in Texas at both the County and municipal levels. After my time in office, I decided that I had witnessed too many people being unjustly treated by the criminal justice system and so I opened my own criminal defense practice to provide my clients with a fair and just criminal process. I speak fluent Spanish, and assist clients with difficulty communicating in English. If you want to meet with me, you can schedule an appointment with my office today.

To learn more about my professional credentials, please read my biography: Kristina Rojas-Stompel.

What I Can Do To Help You

My law firm is specifically tailored to assist people charged with class C misdemeanor criminal offenses and need representation in court. I primarily assist younger people charged with their first offense because I believe helping people who have made a mistake get back on track with their life is more possible than many realize.

Here in Texas, we have many programs that can assist first-time offenders to avoid severe repercussions, such as pretrial diversion and deferred adjudication. These programs help you to minimize the consequences that you may be facing while also limiting the potential fines and court costs you could face.

Your Mistakes Don’t Have To Follow You Around

One of the most important things for many people is having a clean criminal record, as some charges can be especially damaging to your potential career prospects. That is why I work with prosecutors to negotiate your charges and ideally have them reduced to a negligible offense that would not haunt your record.

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If you are uncertain of how to handle your class C misdemeanor charge and need an experienced advocate, then you need . Complete my online contact form to schedule an appointment with me today.